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Nourish Welfare Foundation believes that a sustainable change cannot happen if all the members of a civil society are not involved in the developmental process. Our goal is to encourage and make a team of volunteers to be an active part of our organization. We want to have a mutual understanding and vision i.e to work for the well being of families and their children. Volunteers are the visionary and backbone of every organization due to the same ideals and values shared. They also help in attracting society towards the cause by sensitizing them.

Meet The Team


Khushboo Rathod

  • Facebook - Black Circle

Khushboo Rathod is a Founder of Nourish Welfare Foundation. She Founded this org in 2018.

Vikram Rathod.jpg

Vikram Rathod

  • Facebook - Black Circle

Vikram Rathod is a Piller and Head of the Nourish Welfare Foundation.

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  • Digital Marketing Institute Mumbai

Dgmark Institute is the leading digital marketing institute in Goregaon, Mumbai associated with Nourish Welfare Foundation

Head of Department


Roshan Bhoir

  • Facebook - Black Circle

Roshan Bhoir is an Environment Head in Nourish Welfare Foundation


Padmini Gopikrishna

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Padmini Gopikrishna is an Education Head in Nourish Welfare Foundation.


Dr Namarta Telkar

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Dr Namrata Telkar is a Health Head in Nourish Welfare Foundation

Our Volunteers

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